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The seven food groups

I’m in a kind of science-y mood today, so here are the seven food groups:

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Protein
  3. Fat
  4. Vitamins
  5. Minerals
  6. Fibre
  7. Water

And I think that is it for today. I just wanted to put you in a science-y mood today. Oh, and what are your best/worst memories of school? If you are still at school, what are your best/worst memories so far? Let me know in the comments!

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Reading minds

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 417
What's the next issue going to be like?

If you could read minds for a day, would you? Probably yes. Because you could find out a lot about people, and maybe something about yourself as well.

Whose? My parents (if you’re reading this then sorry), my brother and some people at the place where I study. Maybe some other people, as well. It depends on the range of this mind reading skill. If you could read anyone’s mind, anywhere in the world, it would be useful. I could see what the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5 would be like, and what amazing features Windows 8 will have.

What would you want to find out? I’ve kind of covered this already, but it doesn’t matter. I’d also like to find out:

  • If people thought I was any good at things
  • What the next CHERUB book would have as its ending
  • The features of the next Doctor Who Magazine

Being able to read minds would be amazing. But how would it actually work?

Your mind is your brain. And unless your brain had, say, an ariel in it and others had as well, I don’t see how the brain could communicate with other brains. Thoughts seem amazing, as is your imagination, but that is just stored in your brain. It seems more, but it is that. Thoughts are not, unfortunately, beyond the brain itself, so they couldn’t do between brains. It could be possible, however, if someone connected an amazing computer to your brain that got your thoughts and transmitted them.


Would you want to read minds for a day?

Reading minds....
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The smallest thing

What is the smallest thing near you? Write a paragraph about it. Well, here goes…

The smallest thing near me is probably myself. If you can write that. Because I, and the rest of the world universe are made out of atoms. Tiny things! So that, really is the smallest thing.

If you can’t count yourself, then the smallest thing near me is probably is my USB memory stick. It is quite small.

I think that is about it for today. What is the smallest thing near you?

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One thing I’ve learned recently

Share one thing that you learned recently. Well…

  • Respiration is: Release of energy from food and this happens on every body cell.

Why stick with just one? Here’s another:

One more…

So there are a few things I’ve learned recently. What have you learned?

The earth is spherical - anyone know that?🙂