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Will the Ponds survive? And who, exactly, will the Doctor’s new companion be?

A bit of Doctor Who news for you today (well, rumours). Don’t carry on reading if you don’t want possible spoilers. Or do. Anyway, click the link below and read…

Yes, the web address isn’t that nice. Ah, well. On a different note, make sure you ‘Like’ the following Facebook pages for the latest Doctor Who news. The latter is admittedly not official (I am actually the admin), but it will still bring you the latest news:

On a final note, regarding the huge amounts of deliberate spam attempted at being posted on this blog recently (I didn’t allow it of course, but the annoying thing was the Spam filter didn’t catch it and I got >10 emails a day requesting comment moderation), I have changed it so, to post a comment, you need to log in with one of the following accounts:

  • WordPress
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

I apologise if you posted comments and didn’t have one of these accounts (you can easily create a WP account here), but this change will stop people using fake emails to post comments, and it will be a hassle for them to create a new email, create an account and then post a comment.

I hope you’ve all had/are having a good day!