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Owning an iPad

Out of all the things I expected to get in the family New Year treasure hunt, and iPad 2 to share with my family was the last thing I imagined. iPads are practically legendary – the king of tablets. And I’m still not used to saying I have one, even as I type this post using it. Below are my thoughts on using the tablet.

I, like many other people, doubted the success of tablets when they were first introduced. I mean, we already have smartphones, laptops and sometimes separate MP3 players as well, so was there really space for basically a large phone as well? But the iPad proved that tablets can be poplar, and now I wonder why I ever doubted tablets in the first place. Yes, they have the power and storage capacities of smartphones (16-64GB, versus about 120+GB in laptops), and yes, they don’t run, say, Microsoft Office, but they’re just… Brilliant.

Smartphones are for calls and on the go small tasks. Laptops are for work and detailed tasks. iPads, and tablets in general, are for at home music, games and more. They’re also good for things like blogging. Advantages on a laptop include fast boot up, an amazing touch screen, great apps, and weight. True, it’s lacking user accounts and vast storage, but that’s what laptops are for. iPads are not cheap, though, and they’re certainly not a necessary part of life. At £399 for the most basic model at the time of writing, you might as well go for a refurbished laptop that will certainly be more powerful. But if you already have a laptop and you’ve got the money spare, iPads are certainly worth having.

Now to see if I can schedule this post using the iPad, and if not, then what on earth I’ll do. Hopefully, if the scheduling works, you’ll be reading this in 2012 (which is next year for me). I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Year. And I hope you’ll have a great day!!