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Google Chrome OS – my thoughts

A while back Google announced an operating system called Chrome OS. It looks really good (even though I’m a Bing fan). You can access the website here and view the guided tour below.

It will be interesting to see how popular web only computers are. Here are some of the obvious (to me) points about Chrome OS:

  • If you’re not in a Wi-Fi/3G zone, you’re doomed. No offline access at all.
  • It’s all Google. What if you need to use Microsoft Word instead of Google Docs?
  • You need a Google account.
  • It seems secure, but one clever hacker could destroy your computer life.
  • Only Google Chrome. What about if there’s a website best viewed in Internet Explorer?
  • There is a store, but there will be a lot of apps not on Chrome OS.
  • Music? There’s no iTunes or Spotify!

What do you think? Will it fail?