Google Chrome OS – my thoughts

A while back Google announced an operating system called Chrome OS. It looks really good (even though I’m a Bing fan). You can access the website here¬†and view¬†the guided tour below.

It will be interesting to see how popular web only computers are. Here are some of the obvious (to me) points about Chrome OS:

  • If you’re not in a Wi-Fi/3G zone, you’re doomed. No offline access at all.
  • It’s all Google. What if you need to use Microsoft Word instead of Google Docs?
  • You need a Google account.
  • It seems secure, but one clever hacker could destroy your computer life.
  • Only Google Chrome. What about if there’s a website best viewed in Internet Explorer?
  • There is a store, but there will be a lot of apps not on Chrome OS.
  • Music? There’s no iTunes or Spotify!

What do you think? Will it fail?