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Doctor Who Series 6 – coming soon

It’s that time of year again – Doctor Who is about to come back to our TVs and make us all hide behind the sofa once again. This time it’s Series 6 aka. Series 32 aka. Series Two. Lots of names.

Several trailers/teasers have been released: the first one aired alongside the Series 6 (2010) Christmas Special A Christmas Carol, a teaser recently launched on BBC One, and the first ‘prequel’ has been released.

unfortunately, I don’t yet know any exact release dates, though the trailers say the first episode, titled The Impossible Astronaut, is coming at Easter. If you have an exact date, let me know!

On the subject of Episode One, it is part one of two, so expect to have a nice scary cliffhanger at the end.

I think that’s it… Oh, my aim is this year to review each episode individually, so stay tuned for that. There is going to be a few month gap between episode 7 and 8 – this is because Series 6 is going to be split.

Below is the latest promotional picture for The Impossible Astronaut, and below that is a link to the latest teaser. Have a great day, and stay tuned/subscribe!

Doctor Who Series 6: The Impossible Astronaut promo. picture.
Coming soon...🙂


And now the link to the latest teaser:

What do you think of Doctor Who?