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The Future of Textbooks in a Digitized World

In schools and at universities, textbooks are very common. They are used to work from, revise from, maybe highlight certain passages… they are an essential part of life. But what about digital textbooks? The world we live in is going digital; books to e-books, writing to typing, speaking to texting – soon you won’t be carrying around textbooks.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to having a single item instead of many. For example, it will be much lighter but you are doomed if the power runs out. You have unlimited highlighting ink and you can clear your notes etc. easily to keep it tidy, but what if you dropped it? All your notes and textbooks, gone forever. A book may not go well if dropped in some water, but it will probably dry out, and it’s only one book. An e-reader? Broken, all you work undone.

As you can see, having a digital life can be very good, and very bad. I personally would probably go with the e-reader. But it would be a very hard choice. What would you choose? Do you think the good outweigh the bad?

The Future of Textbooks in a Digitized World James Proctor In January 2011, California start-up company Kno, Inc. announced upcoming beta testing of single and two-screen e-book readers specifically designed for use with electronic textbooks. The devices, consisting of 14-inch screens, replicate the size and appearance of a standard hard-copy textbook and allow users to apply “traditional” study techniques such as highlighting and margin notes. Kno intends to commence selling both products … Read More

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