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Google Chrome OS – my thoughts

A while back Google announced an operating system called Chrome OS. It looks really good (even though I’m a Bing fan). You can access the website here and view the guided tour below.

It will be interesting to see how popular web only computers are. Here are some of the obvious (to me) points about Chrome OS:

  • If you’re not in a Wi-Fi/3G zone, you’re doomed. No offline access at all.
  • It’s all Google. What if you need to use Microsoft Word instead of Google Docs?
  • You need a Google account.
  • It seems secure, but one clever hacker could destroy your computer life.
  • Only Google Chrome. What about if there’s a website best viewed in Internet Explorer?
  • There is a store, but there will be a lot of apps not on Chrome OS.
  • Music? There’s no iTunes or Spotify!

What do you think? Will it fail?

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What search engine do you use?

Image representing Bing as depicted in CrunchBase

There are quite a few search engines out there. Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more. But which do you use?

Each website offers its own features. With Bing, there is a new image every day (with info hotspots) and great web and image search. It also has unique features such as Visual Search, and the ability to connect with Facebook

Google is perhaps the most well-known of all the search engines. Although it does have cool features like instant search, it can be pretty basic. The background image is plain white (but the logo does change on special days) unless you log into a free Google account, for instance.

Out of all the search websites, I like Bing best. Which do you like? You can write in the comments or do the poll below:

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This beautiful thing (via

Been seeing a lot of positive reaction to a new website from the UK that promotes Bing.  The site,, in all its full Flash glory, walks us through a number of the more popular (and in this promotion, certainly more colorful) features.  Bing Visual Search, Videos, Instant Answers for sports and movie times, and more are featured, along with the now famous Bing home page image, which comes alive in the Flash animation:

Screenshot of the video from Bing is beautiful.

The upbeat and colorful treatment seems to capture the essence of Bing. What do you think of Bing? What about the website? Do you use Bing, Google, or something else?

Content from, including the image. This was posted in early February 2011 on, and was written in early March 2011 on this blog. The content may be slightly out of date by the time you read this. You can read the full article on here.