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Men In Black 3 – review

Men in Black III poster
Men in Black III poster

You may have heard of Men In Black. The first film came out in 1997. A sequel came out in 2002. I don’t actually remember much about the first film (except that Agent J is recruited, and there is a really creepy guy with an alien inside him) or anything about the second film, but it works well as a standalone film so I’ll review it as that.

Firstly, the basic plot (but without the ending): a very evil alien has escaped from prison and wants to kill Agent K in the past, before he shot his arm off. So that’s what he manages to do, and only Agent J knows that K didn’t die 40 years ago, and that he was still alive, before time went wrong. But it’s not that simple. If/when K survived, he set up some kind of shield to protect the Earth from the very evil alien’s species, but since he didn’t, the shield was not set up, so the Earth is being attacked. So J has to go back in time, and (try) and sort things out before the Earth gets destroyed…

That synopsis is probably kind of rubbish, but you hopefully get the idea. If not, go and see the film.🙂 Does it work? Yes, very much so. There are so over the top times, for example when the very evil alien escapes from prison, but the rest of the film has amazing effects, great acting and it’s generally brilliant. It’s even a little sad at the end, when ______________________________ happens (filling in the blank would kinda spoil the film, sorry).

My favourite character is Griffin, an alien with precognitive powers. He’s kind of weird at first, but then you just grow to like his predicting the future powers, and how he can tell if a future is going to happen just by someone forgetting to leave a tip.

Overall rating? 5 stars. 5/5. That’s what I gave it on Rotten Tomatoes, and I really think it is worth all of those stars.

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The Hunger Games trilogy – Review

Words can’t really describe the Hunger Games trilogy. But since this is a blog post, words are kind of necessary. Well, to start, this is the trailer for the first film, which is (not surprisingly) based on the first book, and comes/came (the former is for me as I write this on the 17/3, and the latter’s for you guys) out on the 23rd March 2012:

That should give you an idea of how utterly amazing the Hunger Games series is. But enough on the movie. Onto the books…

There are 3 in total, and they’re all simply brilliant.

  1. The Hunger Games
  2. Catching Fire
  3. Mockingjay

And the basic idea is that it’s in the far future. An evil capital have control of 12 districts, which they treat terribly. Every year a random teenager boy and girl are selected from each district to fight to the death, in what’s known as (you guessed it!) The Hunger Games. And I really can’t stress enough how good this series is.🙂

I can’t go into much detail without spoiling the plot, but I will say this. No matter your age/gender, you won’t regret it if you buy the books.😀

Happy Hunger Games!

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Sherlock – my thoughts

Sherlock (TV series)
Image via Wikipedia

With a severe lack of Doctor Who in the next few months, I wondered what to write for this post. I mean, it’s a Doctor Who themed blog, isn’t it? Then I realised I haven’t reviewed Sherlock yet. So here’s my review (or ‘my thoughts’) on my second favourite TV show of all time… Sherlock.

You probably know who Sherlock Holmes is, so I won’t go into detail (if you don’t, click here). Same for Dr. Watson (again, click here if you don’t know who that is). Well, imagine that but in a modern day setting, with computers, cars etc. No more late 1800s/early 1900s for Sherlock – he’s in the 21st century. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock is the same in some ways but different in others.

But does it work? Yes, I think so. And very well. The series was made by Steven Moffat (who is currently Doctor Who’s head writer, so he writes all the openers/finales and the scary ones) and Mark Gatiss (who writes at least one Doctor Who episode every year). So the fact that I like Doctor Who and Sherlock is either a very big coincidence or the writers are very good. Not every Sherlock story is made for the 21st century – there are only 3 (yes, just 3! Versus 13 DW episodes! It’s not fair!) 90 minute (well, at least the episodes are long) episodes per series, and there have been 2 series so far (in 2010 and 2012), with a third coming hopefully next year. And the stories aren’t exactly the same as their Arthur Conan Doyle originals, they’re just loosely based upon them. But they’re brilliant. And scary.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing at least (it’s 25/2/12 now, but you’ll be reading this on 3/3/12 at the earliest) there are no Sherlock episodes on iPlayer for you to watch. However, the good news is that DVDs are available:

I recommend you give it a try.

On a different note, it’s amazing how fast 2012 is going. When you’re reading this, you’re a sixth of the way through it… already!!🙂

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Merlin Series 4 – the two-part series finale – Review

When I saw the trailer for The Sword in the Stone – Part 1 I wanted it to be next Saturday (aka. 17 December 2011) straightaway. It was amazing, and the episode lived up to it. You can view the trailer below:

And the exact same for part 2:

I’ll stop talking about the trailers now, though, and talk about the actual episodes, which were by far the best in Merlin Series 4. Maybe in all of Merlin – they were that good.

If you’ve read my other Merlin Series 4 reviews, you’ll might know the basic plot – Morgana tries (and suceeds) attacking Camelot. But it’s more than that. Just reading that description would make me think it was a repeat of last year’s finale. It wasn’t, though.

These 2 episodes pack everything that’s good about Merlin into, well, 2 episodes. There’s funny moments, great acting, an amazing plot and an interesting kind-of cliffhanger. I’ll give you an example of ‘funny moments’ – Arthur is made dumb by a spell cast on him by Merlin, and it’s really funny watching him, for example, hug trees and wear simple clothes. Great acting… well, everyone does great acting in Merlin, but Katie McGrath is really good as Morgana. And as for the cliffhanger…

Morgana’s just been stabbed (it seems fatally), and she’s staggering around in a forest. Then the dragon that Merlin saved earlier in the series comes and appears to breathe life back into her…

And then episode ended with the simple words: Merlin Will Return. I can’t wait! Does this mean the dragon will become evil? Will Morgana return? So many questions!

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Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe – Review

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone (actually, as I write this, it’s Christmas Day), I can’t believe how fast 2011 has gone. And I present to you today a review of the Doctor Who Series 7/2011 Christmas special.

I’ll start by saying Doctor Who certainly knows how to do Christmas specials. This is the seventh Christmas special (eighth if you include the 2010 New Year special), and each one has been amazing. My favourites are:

  • The Voyage of the Damned (2007)
  • The End of Time (2009)
  • A Christmas Carol (2010)

You may notice that this year’s episode isn’t on that list. It isn’t that it’s a bad episode. Not at all. There isn’t a single episode by Steven Moffat that isn’t great. It’s just that, well, the plot is perhaps too simple. Last year’s was complicated, and sad, yet happy at some places. It had also got some amazing music. This year’s was kinda predictable, the music was good but not amazing, and not complicated.

Enough of the negatives. On to the positives – Amy and Rory are back! I probably should have put a spoiler alert before writing that. Ah, well. The only thing that’s sad about that is that you know those two are going to come to an unfortunate yet unknown end in the next series. And also that the Doctor left it two years before coming back to them.🙂

Overall, a good, reasonable episode. Worth watching, but not my favourite episode by a long shot.

I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas, if not than I hope you’ve had a great holiday). I’m now an owner of a Kindle, which I now think is this future of reading, though my family disagree.😀 Have a great new year, and I hope 2012 is a good year for you all!

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Merlin Series 4 episodes 10/11 – Review

I’m no expert on reviews, but I know that when reviewing something, you usually start at the beginning of it. And you also review the thing that’s older first. This review completely goes against what I have just said.

So I’ve just watched episode 11, and I’m wishing it was Saturday 17th now. I know that it will be at least that date by the time you read this, but it isn’t for me. Oh, no. Moving on. After an amazing episode with some unexpected moments, a trailer was shown that gives the impression that this year’s series finale (part one) is going to be the best yet.

As mentioned, episode 11 was great – and it wasn’t just because of the trailer. You know that I’ve previously mentioned that Merlin can be kind of like a soap opera (though it’s much better)? Well, in this episode, Arthur plans to marry a princess from another kingdom, but eventually cancels because he realises he loves Gwen, who he is ‘destined’ to marry but he exiled her out of the kingdom because she betrayed him. And while that’s happening, Arthur’s evil uncle is working with the evil Morgana to take down Camelot (because Morgana thinks she should rightfully be Queen). Yeah, complicated. Episode rating? 10/10. It was awesome.

On to episode 10, which in fact aired… 2 weeks ago today (at least for you guys, not for me). I didn’t write about it last week because I did a post on the Doctor Who movie, so here is the review two weeks after it aired. I know, terrible service. So episode 10 aired before episode 11, but I’m reviewing it later in the post because I was really excited about the ep. 11 trailer as I started this post. Moving on…

I’ll start the fifth paragraph by saying that this episode is:

  • Creepy (especially at the beginning),
  • Sad,
  • And, finally, happy

It mainly involves (at least at the start) a creepy-looking pale boy who is soaking wet appearing creepily randomly. Did I mention only one person can see him? We, the audience, can see him, and so can this other guy, but this gives us the idea that he could be there without us knowing. Merlin was meant to get darker with series 4, and it defintiley has. As of 10/12/11, my brother still hasn’t seen the episode – he saw a clip with the creepy kid on iPlayer with me, and decided not to see the ep. Merlin has got darker. Episode rating? 8/10. A good episode, but it’s just maybe a bit too creepy. I know Merlin has moved to a later time slot (usually about 8pm), but families will still watch this.

So those are reviews of two episodes. Series 4 is coming to an end, and I don’t know what I’ll write about after that. Any ideas, anyone? Can be Doctor Who, can be something else…

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Merlin Series 4 episode 9 – Review

So much happens in this episode! I don’t want to spoil it for you, but Lancelot (who sacrificed himself to save the world is episode 2) returns and King Arthur proposes to Gwen. Merlin‘s kind of turning into a soap opera. So and so is going to die, but they don’t. So and so is marrying someone else, but there is inevitably problems. Merlin is still way better than any soap opera though.

I’m hoping none of you (if you’ve read my past Merlin Series 4 reviews) would be surprised if I said Morgana is in this episode. Sigh. If I remember correctly, she wasn’t in the last episode, which was great. But she’s back, and she’s the main enemy. The series finale better see the last of her. But I’ve been through all of this before. On to the episode…

The looks on everyone’s faces when they see that Lancelot is back from the dead is amazing. I mean, how would you feel if you’d known someone had died a few months ago, and then suddenly they turned up, in a normal, healthy condition, on your doorstep? So you get the idea.

My brother, known on WordPress as artys999 (though he hasn’t blogged for a long while) was cringing when it got the proposal scene (Arthur and Gwen). It really wasn’t that bad. See it for yourself on iPlayer. The fact that Lancelot was killed, Uther died and Arthur proposed to Gwen means the show is really falling far from the legend. Not forgetting Morgana turned evil ages ago, and her sister Morgause died (I don’t know if she’s in the legend). I don’t really mind these changes, but it does mean that the original Merlin fans (the people who like the old man Merlin) won’t really want to watch the show. I hope that doesn’t affect the ratings and mean Merlin goes the same way as the late Doctor Who Confidential.

In conclusion, I award this episode of the BBC One drama Merlin 9/10. It was brilliant. A must watch.

For those of you who want to watch it (who wouldn’t?!), episode 10 is on today at 8pm, on BBC One/BBC One HD/BBC iPlayer and some channels in countries other than England.

Have a good day!🙂