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Do you think you’ll upgrade to Windows 8 when it launches?

Windows 8 is due to be released in just a few short months, and the RTM is next month. But are you going to upgrade to it when it is released?

I personally am going to – I find it makes my PC faster than it was with Windows 7 on (especially startup), I find the new desktop features awesome (see my post on those by clicking here) and well as some useful Metro-style apps (e.g. Mail and People). But are you going to upgrade?

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Do you like Doctor Who? – Poll

A quick poll for this week:

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What search engine do you use?

Image representing Bing as depicted in CrunchBase

There are quite a few search engines out there. Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more. But which do you use?

Each website offers its own features. With Bing, there is a new image every day (with info hotspots) and great web and image search. It also has unique features such as Visual Search, and the ability to connect with Facebook

Google is perhaps the most well-known of all the search engines. Although it does have cool features like instant search, it can be pretty basic. The background image is plain white (but the logo does change on special days) unless you log into a free Google account, for instance.

Out of all the search websites, I like Bing best. Which do you like? You can write in the comments or do the poll below:

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MobileMe Mail vs. Yahoo! Mail

First of all, let me get this fact straight. I don’t actually use either of these services. I know that makes I really good review for each of them (not!), but the reason I don’t use them is because none of them are quite as good as the service I use – Windows Live Hotmail ( In my opinion. Now, on with the comparison…

MobileMe Mail

  • MobileMe Mail is part of the Apple MobileMe suite of internet applications (the service was originally called iTools, then named .Mac – dot mac).
  • It costs!! Different prices for family and single accounts
  • Free trial version available
  • 20GB (at the time of writing) combined storage for docs, photos, email etc.
  • Reasonable features
  • Works really well with Apple Macs, iPhones, and iPads

Yahoo! Mail

  • Reasonable features
  • Free (basic version)
  • Costs (for Yahoo! Mail Plus)
  • Doesn’t work with most email desktop applications (only Yahoo! Mail Plus works with them)
  • Unlimited storage
  • Account deactivation after a certain period of time (free version only)
  • Ads (free version only)

As I said earlier, I much prefer Windows Live Hotmail out of all the email services. But out of these two… well, they both have their own good things and bad things. However, I think Yahoo! Mail just wins. Is it worth getting the Plus version for use with desktop email apps? It depends whether you use them or not. Bear in mind the free version may not work with phone email apps. Happy emailing!

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Support a charity this year

This year (2011 at the time of writing), why not support a charity? You don’t have to give away a lot of money – every little helps, after all. Even £5 (or $5) would make a difference.

You might not have to give any of your own money away at all. You could do a sponsored walk/bike ride/not talk for a day event. Or you could give away some things you no longer need to a charity by leaving them in a bag they give you (check for a registered charity number on a bag, it could just be a company). Or you could even just help out at an old people’s home or a children’s hospice.

Like I said earlier, every little helps. And it could be any charity. A hospice, hospital, dog’s home, ferret rescue, hedgehog rescue, water aid or a church that is low on funds.

So support a charity this year. In any way possible. You could change a life.

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Page idea for Alex’s Blog – ‘current poll’

I am considering adding a page to this blog called ‘current poll’. A poll would be there, and would change approx. every month or so. The poll topic would vary greatly each month. The poll may be one included in a post, or may be a different one entirely.

The reason I am questioning why I should do this is because of the fact that very few people are reading this blog. I set up the feedback page a while ago, and I have had no feedback whatsoever. (You can now leave feedback here There are very few comments on this blog, and the site stats are bad. I am going to continue writing, as I know some people read that, but what is the point of making a new poll every month if no one is going to vote in it? I will keep the feedback page, as that does not require constant maintenance, but having a monthly poll will.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on this page idea, or vote in the poll below. If there are no answers, or the answers are negative, I will not do the page, but I will add polls occasionally to posts. When voting in the poll below, please explain what you chose in the comments. Thanks.

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Happy New Year! – 2011 or two thousand and eleven?

Happy New Year!! Blimey, I can’t believe it is 2011 already! Anyway, the point of this post is whether it should be called “twenty eleven” or “two thousand and eleven”. One of them is quite short. The other long. But which to use?

Well, in the early years on the new-ish millennium the years were always spoken of like this “two thousand and eight”. Not “twenty oh eight” or something silly like that. But in the late years of the old-ish millennium you said “nineteen ninety eight” not “one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight”. Blimey, that is really long.

So should we move on to saying it like we did last millennium? If so, did you do it last year? Or should we keep to the recent ways? If so, how long for? Discuss in the comments below. Well, I say that and there will be no comments. I mean, look at the site stats. Oh, wait, you can’t. Anyway, they are low, people. If you can’t be bothered to comment, at least ‘like’ this post.

Thanks. Happy new year!!