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Features/changes I’d like to see in this year

There’s a few features and changes I’d like to see added to soon; mostly from Gmail. Here’s the list:

  • An improved Calendar – The calendar is still officially called Hotmail Calendar, has an old interface and doesn’t have search. I’d like to see it updated with an interface similar to’s, with search, and a quick add feature similar to Fantastical‘s and Google Calendar’s.
  • IMAP support – I don’t really see the point of IMAP anymore, since EAS is around which supports push email along with calendar and contact sync, but it’s needed in some situations. For example, Mac users wanting to view their email in OS X Mail need to use POP, which doesn’t sync changes back to the server. Ideally, though, Apple should implement EAS support into OS X so Mac users can sync everything.
  • A smaller compose window – basically the same as Gmail’s. It would be really useful.
  • A dedicated iOS app – The default iOS Mail app suffices for most tasks, but since has added Categories and more recently Archiving it’s not so suitable. We need a dedicated, metro-style iOS app that supports pretty much all features and has push email/notifications. We don’t, however, need special contact and calendar apps – Cobook and Fantastical are just great.
  • A much better Android app – the current Android app is rubbish. It needs the same features of the dedicated iOS app plus a nice interface. This is one of the main reasons that’s stopping me from buying a Nexus 7, so fix it!
  • Delete becomes mark as read and delete – if you currently delete something that’s unread, the Deleted folder has a little 1 next to it. I don’t need to know that something’s unread in deleted because, well, it’s deleted! I don’t care!
  • A much better set of Windows 8 apps – The Mail app needs to basically be but not in a web browser plus Windows 8 style notifications etc. The Calendar app needs searching and a form of quick add. The Messaging app just needs to be replaced by the Skype app. The People app is fine. Fix them!
  • Allow multiple “schedule cleanup rules” – I’ve set up emails from several senders to automatically be moved to my Archive folder after 30 days. But I want them auto-deleted after 60 days. I can only have one of these rules. Why?!?!
  • Better search – in Gmail, once you’ve signed up for the field trail, search suggestions of emails you might be searching for appear as you type. Something like that in would be awesome.

I think that’s all. Phew. Although it may not seem this way, there’s a lot I like about, and that’s why I use instead of Gmail. There are some occaisions when I do wish I had Gmail, however, and doing all the above would eliminate this entirely.


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