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A great walkthrough of Windows 8’s amazing sync features and RTM news…

I came across this demo of Windows 8’s built-in sync features for those who sign in with Microsoft accounts. The sync features are nothing brand new now – they debuted in February with the Consumer Preview, I think – but this walk-through simply shows how brilliant they are:

To access these features, you need to sign into Windows 8/RT with a Microsoft account (formerly known as a Windows Live ID). It’ll ask you to do so in the first time setup of your PC, but if you choose not to then you can easily upgrade your local account in Charms – Settings – Change PC Settings – Users. I really recommend it. Synced items include:

  • Colours, [start screen] background and user account picture
  • Themes, taskbar, high contrast and more
  • Passwords (once you’ve ‘trusted’ your PC – i.e. confirmed that it’s yours by logging on to an alternate email account for example)
  • Ease of access
  • Languages
  • App settings like high scores and in-app purchases
  • IE settings like history and favourites
  • Other Windows settings like Windows Explorer (ribbon state, quick access toolbar etc.), mouse settings and more

All these let me sign into a PC for the first time and minutes later be productive/browse the web. Especially when you combine it with the SkyDrive for Windows desktop app for my files, and the fact that the Windows Store easily lets you download apps you already own.

Moving on. In other news, Microsoft appears to have signed off Windows 8 with the build number…


It was going to be 8888 (which would be awesome, being Windows 8), but it turns out there was a bug or something like that. But wait, you may think, why such a big jump? And isn’t 8888 such a great coincidence? And weren’t the other recent builds 85XX? Well, Microsoft always artificially bumps up the build number, usually to something round. Don’t ask me why it’s 9200 though. And no, it’s not a post-RTM/Windows 9 build – it’s confirmed to be Windows 8.

So Windows 8 will probably RTM sometime next week, with TechNet/MSDN subscribers getting it next week if we’re really lucky, or maybe the week after. I really hope its next week, because I’m dying to try out the new metro desktop theme and I’m kind of bored of the bugs in the Release Preview. Just mere days left…

And remember, YOU, yes you, can get Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro on 26th October 2012. Want a countdown? Check out the sidebar of my blog! Only 91 days to go as of 27/07/12, or 07/27/12 for you Americans.


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