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The not-so-many editions of Windows 8

A bit of news today, but first I would like to mention the Windows 7 and Vista editions. They were:

  • Windows Starter
  • Windows Home Basic
  • Windows Home Premium
  • Windows Professional (Business in Vista)
  • Windows Ultimate

It’s really hard to know what to choose, isn’t it! But Microsoft announced the editions of its next OS, now definitely called Windows 8 (it was previously Windows “8” as it was a codename). The versions will be:

  • Windows 8 (perfect for most users)
  • Windows 8 Pro (includes all Win 8 features plus things like Bit locker)
  • Windows RT (no, this isn’t Windows Re-tweet, it’s the version of Windows for ARM. It will only come on new devices)
  • And there will also be Windows 8 Enterprise, only available for businesses.

This means that the consumer will just have to choose between Win 8 or Win 8 Pro when choosing a new x86/64 PC, or upgrading (well, Win Ultimate/Professional 7 users will have to go Pro). This is a lot simpler and is generally better.

See the official blog post for more info, a table of the version differences and more…

By the way, for people who want pricing, that’s coming later on, says Microsoft.


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