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The Doctor’s next companion… revealed!

A short post this week, but one with very big Doctor Who news (that was in fact revealed on 21 March) – the new companion’s actress has been revealed. Not the name of the companion (at least not yet), but see the article below for more information…

And this one as well…

So, Jenna-Louise Coleman will be the new companion, replacing Amy and Rory Pond. Here’s a timeline:

  • Autumn 2012 – Doctor Who Series 7 starts
  • Autumn 2012 – Amy and Rory Pond leave the series
  • Christmas 2012 – the companion arrives!
  • Spring 2013 (Date TBC) – Series 7 part 2, or Series 8 (TBC)

That’s basically the known future of Doctor Who in a few sentences. So, what do you think about the new companion?


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