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Why I think Apple made a mistake calling the new iPad just “the new iPad”

This is probably going to be quite a short post, but I just wanted to say that I think Apple has made a mistake naming the 3rd generation iPad “the new iPad” and not iPad 3, iPad HD or even iPad 2012. When the fourth generation iPad comes out next year (or whenever it will come out), what with the third generation by called. “Introducing the new new iPad!” doesn’t really seem to work. Along with the new iPad, the iPad 2 is still on sale, making matters complicated.

True, Apple doesn’t put a number at the end of its computer or iPod line-ups (other than “late 2011 generation” or “fourth generation”), so why put a number at the end of the iPad line-ups? Well, for one, they have before. If Apple had done MacBook, MacBook 2 then the new MacBook it would be very confusing. Secondly, because they are much more popular. If you compare how many MacBooks were sold in 2011 compared to how many iPads were sold that year, iPads I’m sure would beat them by a mile.

But Apple has named the new iPad just that. And they’re not going to change it. So what does that probably mean? That the new iPhone will most likely be called “the new iPhone”, not iPhone 5 (though the 4S istechnicallythe iPhone 5) or iPhone 6 or iPhone 4SS or even the 4S2. Which could be confusing.

So basically, Apple has confused everyone by calling the new iPad just that.😦


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