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Doctor Who – Series 7: what we know so far

A lot of things are changing in the next series of Doctor Who, and this post simply aims to put all the known information (as of 17/12/11) in one place. So, what’s changing?

  • The series will be split across 2012 and 2013
  • There will be 14 episodes (I think that includes the 2011 Christmas special)
  • It will start in Autumn 2012
  • It is not clear whether 2012 will have a reduced episode count
  • There are no two-parters planned for Series 7
  • Matt Smith will stay until at least 2013
  • Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Pond) will leave in a “heart-breaking episode” at some point in Series 7 – whether it’s in 2012 or 2013 is unknown
  • The Eleventh Doctor will get a new companion, who is yet to be cast
  • Steven Moffat will stay as the lead writer
  • 2 executive producers are leaving
  • The series main plot will be something to do with “the fields of Trenzalore” and “the fall of the eleventh”
  • The Silence will most likely return
  • The filming will start next year – unlike with previous series, where the filming has started in the previous year
  • This means a trailer for Series 7 won’t be shown at the end of the Christmas special
  • The format is estimated to be: 7/8 eps. in Autumn 2012, a 2012 Christmas special, then 17/8 eps. in Spring 2013 (this is not confirmed)
  • It is unknown whether River Song will return
  • It has got several names: Series 33 if you count all the series ever, Series 7 is you count the series since 2005, and Series 3 if you count it from a) the start of the Eleventh Doctor or b) since the 2010 partial reboot (so many things changed that year, so some people started counting the numbers again).

And I think that’s everything. The thing I found hardest to believe is that Amy and Rory are leaving. I, like a lot of other people, thought they’d leave after the 11th Doctor, or at the same time. I really can’t imagine Matt Smith with a different companion.

By the time this post is published it will be… Christmas Eve, I think. Remember to watch The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe tomorrow at 7pm (on BBC One). And have a great Christmas!


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5 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Series 7: what we know so far

  1. wow that-that is realy veary hartbreaking i was realy loving amy and rory well ill miss amy more than rory if you know what i mean but i thoght that rose tyler (bille piper) and amy pond (karen gillian) were the best and i mean the best compainans ever

  2. so i was sort of starting to realy like the 11th doctor but im intresed in what the next doctor will look like but i still think david tennant should have stayd on the show longer hm !0th doctor and amy pond who knows could have been a good match

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