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Doctor Who: Closing Time – Review

It’s quite hard for me to write this, as I’ve just watched this episode and I can’t wait for next week. Which, for you, is today. Lucky you. Because this post is published next Saturday, which is this Saturday (today). Complicated. Or, as the Doctor says, “wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey”. Moving on.

This episode is a sequel to last year’s 11th episode, The Lodger. That means there’s Craig, played by James Corden. Last year’s episode was amazing, and this year’s was the same.

The enemy was Cybermen. And for those of you who are Doctor Who fans, you will be glad to know it’s the original Cybermen! With Cybermats! For those of you who aren’t Doctor Who fans, the original Cybermen (not the parallel universe ones) and Cybermats are from the classic series. Anyway, on to the thoughts:

I honestly can’t fault this episode. It’s a great story with great actors and so much more. And the ending… Well, for the first time since the 2005 re-launch, Doctor Who hasn’t finished with a two-parter. They said Closing Time wasn’t part one of a story, but that it did lead on. I have to disagree. This was the biggest cliffhanger ever. Even better than last year’s Pandorica trouble.

Next week (well, today for you. Lucky you!): the Doctor’s death. The Silence. The end. An impossible astronaut. The Wedding of River Song.

I can’t wait!


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