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Would you rather be a food critic, a book critic, or a film critic?

This is quite a hard choice, mainly because all of those 3 critic jobs are brilliant. It’s basically a choice between eating lots of lovely food, reading lots of great books or watching lots of great blockbusters. Hmm.

The Golden Compass

I’d probably be a book critic, simply because I prefer books to films and food. I have countless favourite books, though I have fewer favourite movies. And films that are based on books are never as good as the original books themselves. For example, The Golden Compass in nothing compared to the original book – Northern Lights. In the film, they missed out the last 3 chapters! The Harry Potter films, in my opinion, aren’t as good as the books. I wonder if the CHERUB movie will be any good…

I have kind of strayed off topic, so back to the point. A book critic!

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Aspiring lawyer who loves to read.

2 thoughts on “Would you rather be a food critic, a book critic, or a film critic?

  1. I’m with you! I think being a food critic would make you jaded as to the simple food pleasures in life, including the ‘I made it myself’ pride. Films often mangle books. Books are the central truth of human existence (or quite a good bit of escapism and imaginative flight, anyway!)

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