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Outcasts (TV series) – my thoughts

It isn't on this channel

Recently, I have been watching a TV series titled Outcasts on BBC One and BBC One HD. Today I’m going to tell you my thoughts on it.

The plot is quite simple, but complicated in some areas. Basically, some humans escaped from Earth to a new planet. In the series they struggle to live on the planet. But that isn’t all. The new planet has whiteouts, other creatures, ACs and more.

The 8 episodes are quite well constructed, though at some points it can be a little boring and/or repetitive – for instance, there always seems to be problems on the planet.

All of the characters are different, and you feel very sad if any are hurt/die.

Overall, I really like this series. Unfortunately, the ratings were low (2.6 million for episode 4) so episodes 6, 7 and 8 were broadcast on Sunday nights at 10:25pm. Not good.

This means there won’t be an Outcasts – Series Two. That is why, in this post title, I didn’t put Series One – I did that for Come Fly With Me (and the chances of that having another series were slim, but there is going to be Series Two), but Outcasts? No chance. It is a shame really, considering the BBC spent a lot of money on it, and hoped it would be enjoyed….

What are your thoughts on Outcasts?

So long, Outcasts...


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5 thoughts on “Outcasts (TV series) – my thoughts

  1. This series has just been shown on Australian tv. I didnt find it too bad but am dissapointed that there will not be a second series. It makes a nonsense of the plot as we dont know what the space ship at the end was doing, was it good or bad and who is this julius guy.
    It seems pointless showing it without an ending. Abit like showing a murder but not telling us who did it.
    Thaught it strange they had no type of transport on the planet. We had the moon buggy 40years ago and thigs should have advanced in 100 years. The technology seems very dated too. Not like star treck. Lucky the air was breathable for humans

  2. Hey!
    I watched it too,in Athens Greece we don’t have more this oprtunity to watch ti on tv…
    So,I have to say despite of some negative critics from some uers in tvsreies forums in Greece,that I liked it. It was a comibnation from some scifi series and some otherr genres,such as paranormal or pur crime serie.
    About technology I think that a fast escape from Earth didn’t assist them to carry or built all of these staff you meant.
    This frakkin man named as Julius he is a shithole,I hated him from the start. I thnik,also,that the spaceship could change the whole system there and Julius was a spy by them. I can’t undesrtand exaclty his passion against the AC’s,Perhaps they knew about them and they had desided to find Carpethia without ACs…

    Can he hope about some mini series? Or not…?

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