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Doctor Who Series 7 news – no full series in 2012

Recently, Doctor Who was commissioned for a seventh series, with 14 episodes (one is expected to be the confirmed 2011 Christmas special). Now some more news has come: not all of the 14 episodes will air next year, in 2012. BBC One controller Danny Cohen has now confirmed at the Church and Media Conference that Doctor Who will not be back for a full-length series. It was later clarified that some episodes will still go out in 2012 while others will be aired in 2013, potentially as part of a “special run” of anniversary episodes.

2013, for those of you who don’t know, is Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. True, no new episodes were broadcast for 16 years, but the show has still lasted a long time, and the anniversary is a big deal.

Matt Smith has been confirmed to reprise the role of the Eleventh Doctor in Series 7. The companions have not been confirmed as of the publishing date.

Doctor Who is expected to return in the Autumn of 2011 for the remaining 6 episodes of Series 6, starting with the intriguingly titled Let’s Kill Hitler.

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  • Series 6 is also known as Season/Series 32 (if you include ALL the past series), Series Two (if you restart every time there is a new Doctor, or you count Series 5 as a reboot), or 11.2 (Eleventh Doctor, second series)
  • Series 7 is also known as Season/Series 33, Series Three and 11.3

    A promotional picture for episode 1 of Series 6 showing the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Pond and River Song (aka. Melody Pond)
    The team back in action in Series 6.


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