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Comic Sans (via Matthew Smith)

This post from another blog is talking about the font Comic Sans, and that it is a “horrible font”. I personally don’t think it really is that bad, but I don’t use it often. As the author correctly points out, it looks like bad handwriting yet is used for things like company logos.

The font is included in Microsoft Word and a lot of other word processing programs (in non-techy language: basically a program on your computer that you type on and print), along with a lot of other fonts. What I am wondering is why complain about this font? I mean, there are a lot of fonts out there, and a lot of them are quite horrible and you would never see me use them. Out of all the fonts in Word 2010, this wouldn’t be at the bottom of the list.

What do you think about the font Comic Sans? Do you like it, hate it, or in-between? Do you ever use it? Discuss in the comments, and don’t forget to like the post.

Comic Sans I have never been a fan of Comic Sans, but it was not until today that I found that there was an entire web-based movement to eliminate its improper use. Sites such as Ban Comic Sans and Comic Sans Criminal are determined to dissuade people from using the simply horrible font, and rightly so. The typeface looks like the handwriting of a seven year-old child, and it is for this reason precisely that it simply screams, “Amateur!” when used in any k … Read More

via Matthew Smith


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4 thoughts on “Comic Sans (via Matthew Smith)

  1. Comic sans is not my favourite font, but I spend alot of time with it. It is easy for young children to read, as it has not extra bits on the letters, so it is used extensively in primary schools. Sometimes too much – I did work in a school were it was official policy to use it in all documents, which a big step too far! It has its uses, and for that I use it, but I enjoy exploring other funky fonts for different effects, and the children benefit from seeing the same letters written in different ways. Live and let live!

  2. I would never use comic sans for anything official, but I find it to be a friendly and fun font for making things like bulletin board displays. I used it quite often when I was a resident advisor in the dorms during college. So yeah, perhaps it’s overused or used improperly, but I don’t think it’s an inherent evil or anything–everything has its right place.

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