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Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol – my thoughts

Hello Series 6 of Doctor Who! Yes, that is right. It really is Series 6. Or Season 32. Or Series Two. Call it what you like. Anyway, this is going to be a really short review, as I don’t have much time. Overall, this is the best Christmas special yet, you have to watch it, it is kind-of based on Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol (hence the same name), and it is a great start to Series 6. It even had a trailer for the regular episodes of Series 6 (most of the clips were from the opening two parter, filmed in the USA).

The trailer is below:


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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol – my thoughts

  1. I really liked it, too. Best Christmas special so far, undoubtedly. Usually they are rather painful for me to watch, and this was a brilliant surprise. I haven’t seen much Matt Smith yet… It’s always hard for me to get used to new Doctors. But this episode was definitely impressive.

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