Haiku (via The Change Revolution)

Anyone know what Haiku is? No? Well, today I’m going to tell you (well, actually The Change Revolution is going to tell you).

It is a type of poem, I think. Japanese.

I, personally, have never really found poetry easy. I know there are many types of poetry, some easier and some harder, but it’s not quite the same as simply writing.

What do you think of poetry? Do you have any to share? Read the post below, and comment.

Have a nice day!

I think a few days ago, the suggested topic for blogging on WordPress was “sharing something you’ve learned” or something along those lines. I learnt Haiku in high school, but never really used it until recently. I was so excited to write poetry in Haiku form. It goes especially well with photos. I got this idea from a friend who uploads a photo everyday and writes a haiku poem to go with it. So thanks to her, I am trying it out now. It’s not as … Read More

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King Of Anything – Sara Bareilles

Gallifrey - my dogs name (it really is)

In case you haven’t yet noticed, I like sharing music. A lot. In previous posts you will have found This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, out home, I Am The Doctor, Westminster Bridge and more. Most, if not all of them, have been Doctor Who music. Well, today you’re in for a treat. The music isn’t Doctor Who. It wasn’t composed by Murray Gold. And it’s good. You can watch it below:

What do you think? Like it, or hate it? Why?

An Unusual Friendship (via The Change Revolution)

Imagine this: two very different animals, being good friends. You don’t need to imagine any more.

In the post below, there is a video (you have to click “read more” to see it) about two unlikely animals. I’m sure you’ll like it.

If only humans were like that…

An Unusual Friendship I recently came across a Nat Geo video about an unusual friendship between an Orangutan and a hound. You have got to check out the video. I promise you, no matter who you are, you will love it! Only if humans lived with one another in harmony, our planet would be one big happy family! After you watch the video, heres something to pon … Read More

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Outcasts (TV series) – my thoughts

It isn't on this channel

Recently, I have been watching a TV series titled Outcasts on BBC One and BBC One HD. Today I’m going to tell you my thoughts on it.

The plot is quite simple, but complicated in some areas. Basically, some humans escaped from Earth to a new planet. In the series they struggle to live on the planet. But that isn’t all. The new planet has whiteouts, other creatures, ACs and more.

The 8 episodes are quite well constructed, though at some points it can be a little boring and/or repetitive – for instance, there always seems to be problems on the planet.

All of the characters are different, and you feel very sad if any are hurt/die.

Overall, I really like this series. Unfortunately, the ratings were low (2.6 million for episode 4) so episodes 6, 7 and 8 were broadcast on Sunday nights at 10:25pm. Not good.

This means there won’t be an Outcasts – Series Two. That is why, in this post title, I didn’t put Series One – I did that for Come Fly With Me (and the chances of that having another series were slim, but there is going to be Series Two), but Outcasts? No chance. It is a shame really, considering the BBC spent a lot of money on it, and hoped it would be enjoyed….

What are your thoughts on Outcasts?

So long, Outcasts...

Intense Chocolate Oreo Loaf Cake

Ooh that sounds nice, doesn’t it? Chocolate, Oreo, cake… everything is good! And it’s intense! How wonderful! Ok, enough of the praises.

The recipe basically is Oreos and chocolate. It is suitable for vegetarians, so enjoy!

Intense Chocolate Oreo Loaf Cake I’m trying to get into the habit of baking once a week – I find it hugely relaxing and love getting the boys involved. So when I spied Sarah’s Forever Nigella Blogging Event had a Seduced By Chocolate theme over on Maison Cupcake it got me in an inventive mood. I’ve been asking around for people’s fave Nigella recipes, and my book group friend Kath recommended one with a certain Nigella-esque glint in her eye, so I couldn’t resist giving it a go. … Read More

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Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Teaser

Recently, an official teaser for Ice Age 4 was released. It contains the lovable Scrat character, and I just had to share it:

As you have seen, he moves around the world’s continents accidently while trying to get/eat a nut. Poor thing. For those of you who have seen the other Ice Age movies, Scrat usually has a problem getting nuts. The movie, according to the trailer from YouTube, is due to be released in 3D in 2012. Which, at the time of writing, in next year.

Another of Scrat’s troubles is below. This time he has a love interest…

PS: Keep an eye on the new coming soon page. It will keep you updated on what is coming soon to All of time and space.

Funny Friday (via The Change Revolution)

Bill Watterson's Calvin

Image by toytoyfactory via Flickr

Before I start, I do know it isn’t Friday. It is a Sunday. I think. But it doesn’t really matter it isn’t a Friday – the quote is still nice.

I was going to put the quote right here, but I’m not, so to read it you’ll have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post and click “read more”. Ah, well.

I am now going to wait for you to read the quote (scroll to the bottom, click read more, read the quote…). Ok, time up people.

The quote is quite funny, but in a way it is quite serious. It is quite exaggerated, I mean, everyone dies at some point. He won’t not die because he hasn’t, say, completed a task in his job. But it is still kind of serious.

Have a great day! :-)

Funny Friday Ready for the weekend, are we?? Yay! I certainly am… Here’s a funny quote I came across this morning. It says: “God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.” I think its by Bill Watterson.     … Read More

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Chocolate Peanut Spread and Gluten Free Shortbread (via Lynda Jeffers Photography)

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shortbread with chocolate peanut spread on it that was suitable for the whole family. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans and lactose and soy free. oh, and don’t forget it would have to taste brilliant. Sounds superb, doesn’t it?

Well, today that vision has come true. There is a recipe for this dream-like food below.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Chocolate Peanut Spread and Gluten Free Shortbread Today I have been very busy, I have spent a day in the kitchen and have been cooking. Yesterday I found a recipe on http://smittenkitchen.com for a peanut chocolate spread. It ticks all the boxes in as far as it being gluten, lactose and soy free, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, therefore suitable for the whole family. The recipe is as follows: 2 cups shelled and skinned raw peanuts Half a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder 1 and a quarter … Read More

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two – trailer

One word: wow. This movie is going to be amazing:

Those are quite action-packed videos, so it’s quite surprising it’s actually going to be the shortest HP movie yet! Though I’m sure it will be great.

What do you think of the trailers? Are you going to see the movie?

Chocolate Orange Cake (via Crustabakes)

Who wants a delicious cake recipe that actually uses an entire orange (yes, that includes the peel) and is chocolate? Well, read on!

Today I found this wonderful recipe on FoodPress, and I realised I just had to share it. I mean, how can you not share a delicious recipe?

Enjoy the cake!

Chocolate Orange Cake There were two bars of chocolate sitting in my fridge one day. One just a bar of chocolate in its dark glory, and the other, a bar of dark chocolate with orange peel and cashew nuts in it. I grabbed the second one, because, believe it or not, i have never really tasted chocolates with fruits in it (aside from the usual raisin studded chocolate bars).  I was prepped for disappointments as i thought of myself to be a chocolate purist, that chocolat … Read More

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