4 characters that TV shows would’ve failed without

4. Sherlock

Obviously the character is necessary, but Sherlock wouldn’t have been successful without Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of the character. Yes, there have been other successful Sherlock Holmes adaptations – Elementary is ok, and the recent Sherlock Holmes movies are somewhat reasonable – but none have been as successful as the BBC TV series, and the casting is the only reason that’s happened.

3. The Daleks

The Daleks appeared in the second episode of the series, and the first was hardly unsuccessful, so the show may well have survived without them. But the Dalek’s unique design and repetitive battle cry – exterminate! – made them popular with adults and school children alike and helped the show become the success it is. That said, I think the Daleks need a break now – they’ve appeared in every series since the 2005 re-launch and of course they’ve been defeated every time, so a break from the next couple of series would be welcomed, along with a big return in a new years. Unfortunately, rumours suggest they’ll be in the next series.

2. Stewie Griffin

Family Guy would be a nice show without Stewie, but it just wouldn’t be the same. The rest of the family have their funny parts, and Peter is himself an essential character, but without the posh psychopathic baby (and his time machine, which is unfortunately gone now) Family Guy would have been less popular and less successful.

1. Sheldon Cooper

Without Sheldon, popular show The Big Bang Theory would really be just another sitcom. Yes, there’s the Penny/Leonard on/off love story, and Raj’s inability to talk to women (until about season 6), but the show would be no different to the dozens of other American sitcoms without Sheldon.

Hello again

It’s been a while – exams and schoolwork have taken their toll, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on this blog. So, instead of doing lots of posts about small topics, I’d do a round up post of various different things.

Windows 8.1

The next versions of Microsoft’s main operating systems – Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 – are coming very soon, with so many changes that I can’t cover them here. Check out the Windows Team blog, The Verge etc. for more information. The public preview is shipping one week today (June 26), and will be available, free via the Windows Store, to all existing 8/RT users. The final version, shipping later this year, will also be free to the same customers.

Doctor Who

Matt Smith is leaving this Christmas! John Hurt is playing an as-yet-unknown (spoiler: it’s likely the ninth) incarnation of the Doctor! And series 8, with the 12th Doctor and Clara, is rumoured to start in the Autumn of next year with only 12 episodes. What’s wrong with the good old 13 episode series that started in April and ended in June, with no long breaks? The random scheduling is getting annoying.


iOS 7 looks reasonable, except for the icons. Luther returns soon. Sherlock may or may not be broadcast later this year or next year.


“Exams are over! Life begins…” (Pramface, series one episode one). Not quite. They’re technically over until November, but there’s lots of coursework and many internal ‘important’ exams to be done very soon. Plus, there are essays to be written and normal homework to be completed. It’ll only be over when school finishes for the summer… and the homework set for the holidays is out of the way. It could be worse. On the plus side, my GCSE ICT course has been completed a year early (AS time now), and a lawyer seems a potential career path. If you’re interested, my current A level selection is as follows:

  • ICT
  • History
  • English language OR Business Studies (both are good)
  • English literature

So, that’s the post. I hope that there will be more content on this blog regularly, but I’ll have to see. Thanks for reading!

It’s the Doctor Who series finale tonight!

Today marks the end of the seventh series of Doctor Who, and promises to reveal not only who Clara Oswald really is, but also the Doctor’s name (spoiler: the latter most likely isn’t actually revealed). Whether or not the question of all questions (Doctor Who?!) is answered, it promises to be a brilliant episode, one that will change the show forever. I certainly hope it does, because most of Series 7 has been quite disappointing. The first half was ok, but with only five episodes not much could be developed. The second half has been a bit longer, but apart from The Bells of Saint John and a couple of others, the writing hasn’t been at its best. Without the mystery of Clara, it might be the worst series in the recent years. I’m hoping that next year we’ll have a full thirteen episode run with no long breaks, a great story arc and two part episodes. One part episodes are good, but especially for finales they don’t allow writers to develop the story much.

So, make sure you’re watching BBC One tonight at 7pm! There’s going to be a clip from the 50th anniversary special featuring both the tenth and eleventh Doctors posted online straightaway afterwards, so head to the Doctor Who website once the episode is over.

Watch the TV trailer now!

Oh, and yes I’ve changed the theme of my blog. Thought it could do with a bit of a new look.

Exactly how fast Windows 8 boots on an SSD and news of a TARDIS redesign

WOW! Mine will be a little longer because I will need to dismiss the lock screen and enter my PIN, it’s going to be amazing when I get my SSD. The BIOS will be the only thing slowing it down!

16 days until Christmas…

In a completely irrelevant topic (other than the fact that’s it’s to do with Christmas), the TARDIS interior is getting a redesign in the Christmas episode. What?! How can they do that? They didn’t change it that long ago… well, it was April 2010 when they last changed it, but the last TARDIS design lasted for five years. Plus, the new design looks kind of dull:

new TARDIS design

I suppose that they want to remove everything relevant to the Pond era, but that’s a lot. Will we never see River again? Will the sonic screwdriver be re-designed? Will they change the Doctor Who logo? Will they give the eleventh Doctor a different outfit (actually, we already know that’s going to happen)? I can understand that they want to show that it’s a new era, but it’s not all changed like it did when the tenth doctor and his companions left – the eleventh doctor is the same as ever, though a little scarred by the death of the Ponds.

I guess we’ll just have to see how much the BBC have changed, and whether the new TARDIS interior is as dull as the first image shows…


New Doctor Who video shows what happened to Brian…

A new video on the Doctor Who website (and on YouTube) shows how Brian finds out about the Ponds being stuck in the past and how they’re doing. Unfortunately, this was never filmed so the video consists of a storyboard with some text and a narration by Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory. You can watch the video below:

Do you like Doctor Who? – Poll

A quick poll for this week:

The Doctor’s next companion… revealed!

A short post this week, but one with very big Doctor Who news (that was in fact revealed on 21 March) – the new companion’s actress has been revealed. Not the name of the companion (at least not yet), but see the article below for more information…


And this one as well…


So, Jenna-Louise Coleman will be the new companion, replacing Amy and Rory Pond. Here’s a timeline:

  • Autumn 2012 – Doctor Who Series 7 starts
  • Autumn 2012 – Amy and Rory Pond leave the series
  • Christmas 2012 – the companion arrives!
  • Spring 2013 (Date TBC) - Series 7 part 2, or Series 8 (TBC)

That’s basically the known future of Doctor Who in a few sentences. So, what do you think about the new companion?

Will the Ponds survive? And who, exactly, will the Doctor’s new companion be?

A bit of Doctor Who news for you today (well, rumours). Don’t carry on reading if you don’t want possible spoilers. Or do. Anyway, click the link below and read…


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I apologise if you posted comments and didn’t have one of these accounts (you can easily create a WP account here), but this change will stop people using fake emails to post comments, and it will be a hassle for them to create a new email, create an account and then post a comment.

I hope you’ve all had/are having a good day!

Sherlock – my thoughts

Sherlock (TV series)
Image via Wikipedia

With a severe lack of Doctor Who in the next few months, I wondered what to write for this post. I mean, it’s a Doctor Who themed blog, isn’t it? Then I realised I haven’t reviewed Sherlock yet. So here’s my review (or ‘my thoughts’) on my second favourite TV show of all time… Sherlock.

You probably know who Sherlock Holmes is, so I won’t go into detail (if you don’t, click here). Same for Dr. Watson (again, click here if you don’t know who that is). Well, imagine that but in a modern day setting, with computers, cars etc. No more late 1800s/early 1900s for Sherlock – he’s in the 21st century. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock is the same in some ways but different in others.

But does it work? Yes, I think so. And very well. The series was made by Steven Moffat (who is currently Doctor Who’s head writer, so he writes all the openers/finales and the scary ones) and Mark Gatiss (who writes at least one Doctor Who episode every year). So the fact that I like Doctor Who and Sherlock is either a very big coincidence or the writers are very good. Not every Sherlock story is made for the 21st century – there are only 3 (yes, just 3! Versus 13 DW episodes! It’s not fair!) 90 minute (well, at least the episodes are long) episodes per series, and there have been 2 series so far (in 2010 and 2012), with a third coming hopefully next year. And the stories aren’t exactly the same as their Arthur Conan Doyle originals, they’re just loosely based upon them. But they’re brilliant. And scary.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing at least (it’s 25/2/12 now, but you’ll be reading this on 3/3/12 at the earliest) there are no Sherlock episodes on iPlayer for you to watch. However, the good news is that DVDs are available:


I recommend you give it a try.

On a different note, it’s amazing how fast 2012 is going. When you’re reading this, you’re a sixth of the way through it… already!! :)